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Store   owning an original is a beautiful investment...

Welcome to my store!  


I'm taking the Leap of Faith and branching out into unknown territory for me. I have been blessed with a variety of creative gifts that to this point have stayed hidden from all bar those closest to me. I feel the Great I Am putting it upon my heart to now start sharing the creations produced from these gifts with you all.  Art works those on canvas, are often out of the price range of many, so I have begun creating in other ways so as to spread the Love around. 

There are a range of products here...from hand painted and crafted cards and Card Box Sets to digitally produced cards of existing artworks. T-shirts, to tote bags and of course beautiful acrylic on canvas art works. I hope you find something here that will meet your desire. 

Please do note that products dependent on a third party to produce, such as those involving digital printing, may be subject to delay in production due to Covid. This unfortunately is out of my control, however I will do everything within my power to get items to you otherwise I will refund in full. 

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