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Margy on show...

I've been extremely blessed over the years to share my work with the community. I've exhibited in both solo shows and joint exhibitions with other artists of various mediums. I've collaborated on a joint artwork as a commissioned work, the highlight of which was a joint exhibition with the other artist.  I've organised and curated a number of exhibitions for children in out of home care and for the past 3 years I've had the pleasure of  managing and curating the Nitty Gritty - on the front lines art exhibitions. 

I am open to requests for exhibitions, collaborations and fundraisers. Drop me a line.

Please enjoy the pictures below of various exhibitions.


2011 - Changes (collaboration)

2011 - Journey to Awe (solo)

2012 - Our Move  (collaboration)

2012 - Different Stories (collaboration)

2013 - Winters Solstice Breathes (solo)

2016 - Creations Evolution (solo)

2016 - Nitty Gritty (collaboration/founder & director)

2017 - Broken Hill Arts Festival

2018 - Field of Vision



2011- 666 ABC Radio Canberra - Aboriginal Artists,

NAIDOC Week, Interview with Louise Manher 

2013 - Canberra City News - Margy Duke,

'Nature breathes in abstract art' 


2013 - 2CC Canberra - Artist in focus,

Interview with Dave Jenkins

2015 - Canberra Times - Best of visual and

performance art 

2015 - Brisbane Times - Arts section


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