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Life with Margy...

Hi, and Welcome!! 

Painting makes up but a small aspect of who I am. It is seasonal.  I wish, I wish I had more time to devote to Brush and Canvas, for indeed, they are old friends. When I sit with them, they know me better than I know myself, they are patient, they are non judgmental, their ears are eager,  they listen intently as I divulge my deepest thoughts to them.  Each and every brush stroke on every canvas I've ever painted holds within it a tiny aspect of me, of Margy. My thoughts, my feelings and the emotions I experienced in that sliver of time are captured as my hand swept across the canvas with colour.  It has all dried into the paint.  Frozen in time.  So when you look at a Margy Duke, allow it  to speak to you, not just eye to eye, but heart to heart and soul to soul.  There is another picture there, beyond the colour.


Painting is forgiving, it's a grounding force for me, but, it is seasonal! Life's a journey made up of seasons, not just the four seasons that go around and around on a yearly basis and that cycle as the Solar System cycles.  Life's seasons are made up of continually Evolving Creations. When we think of seasons our minds have been taught to limit us to only 4, when in reality it is far far more, there is no limit, there are no boundaries. Don't be held by imaginary fences, don't accept the status quo or what you've been told. Don't listen to the loudest voice...question, question, always question...and then, tap into the small still voice that whispers into your ear and tells you to reach beyond what you see. The breeze is not limited by walls.  No mountain can stop the wind, it simply finds another direction to go. 


Painting is not my identity, it is only an aspect of who I am...It is the bridge that links my sub conscience to my conscience.  Being Aboriginal is my blood heritage, its my drawing pin on the earth map, but neither is it my identity.  I am far more complex than either, just as you are.


I am a Child of the Universe.


A Child of the Love Force that Created me. 



             Margy xo

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