Creative Passions in acrylic

Galley One

Although I've been creative and artistic all my life, painting was, I felt, way beyond my abilities. I believed this for 35 years but the very thought of  being or at least feeling defeated by a brush and canvas completely miffed me...the only thing to do at that point was to pick up a brush and have a go! I'd not ever had an art lesson in my life, I knew nothing about paint..but something inside me, pushed me forward and so forward I walked in blind faith. I never plan a painting. I dont sketch anything onto a canvas, I have no thought in my head when that brush comes down onto the canvas. The very most I will ponder is perhaps what colours I may use...or...I may have a few blobs of paint left on my pallet that needs using up...paint is expensive and far be it from me to waste it.  When I finish an artwork one of two things may happen... I will stand back and say out loud..."Whoa...where did that come from?" or "I hate it!" for which Bry will inevitably say..."If I had a dime for everytime you say that!" lol

People ask me all the time what my paintings are about, however before I answer I like to hear what their interpretations are on an artwork. Interestingly, most times I hear the word "sperm" said back at me and I can definitely see how they arrive at that. To be honest I don't really know where they come from except to say that some force of Love within me paints these artworks.


They are Maps and Messages of the Universe and of all living entities that are within it. Maps of outer galaxies, of distant solar systems, star constellations and the birthing and dying of stars, of planets, dust clouds and light, of the atoms and protons and electrons..but it's more than just human words for what's around us, seen and unseen, the energies of Love creating. paintings depict the Love, the Light and the Truth of the Creation and Evolution of our Worlds, of our Universe, of our physical Bodies,and of our eternal Souls and our Spirits...


...and the Messages are ALWAYS about LOVE!

Energy’s Currents of Origin
The seed of the Tree of Life burst forth, flowing freely with the Energy of Origin.
Infinity's Eternal Time Balance
The squish and squash of time and space, eternally keeping the Creator's universal balance.
Volcanic Cactus Seeding
At the core of raw emotion, the volcanic cactus; seeds pure energetic force for the sowing of adrenaline overload. Inner workings of outer expressions.
This is not a Cosmic Joke
Through the ocean of time and space two entities united forever in love through the power of the Creator were brought together. Trough trials and tribulations, heartaches and pain the question asked often: “Is this a cosmic joke?”. After many years of this union’s strength the answer is: “This is not a cosmic joke!”.
Journey to Creation
A place where everything and all began and begins. The single dot of light that is creation itself. A journey we are all on whether we realise it or not; back to the beginning.
Loves First Dance
Love is a dance...when first truly experienced, will never be forgotten.
Love Odyssey
Love drives Humanity. On this journey a swirling of fullness is the landscape we travel upon and through. As a moth is drawn to a flame, we as humans are drawn to LOVE.
Breath-Tears Gather
As the Creator gives us water and air, tears are vital to our journey and another gift that is essential. Tears gather inside ready for breathing, healing as we breathe.
Journey Bound
The passage of soul-mates bound by nature through time; together then, now and forever
Currently Untitled
Nocturnal Ballet
Through the night the dance of growth occurs. Either rain or dew comes with the night to quench the thirst of all living entities, resulting in a morning bloom.
Lava Life
The symmetrical squiggle, a molten fabric as Old as Time; morphing ethereal. Ionic vapours stream nutrient steam feeding the Land.
Inaugural Mantis
As the first mantis thrust upon this temporal plane, a striving like no other impels this mighty warrior out into the wilderness. This learning journey will teach this young mantis; that size, shape and colour will be key to survival. Strive on young mantis, strive on!
Seed Growth Unfolding
Within the seemingly dormant seed husk, there is growth unfolding – life bursting forth
Currently untitled
Verity Vortex
The infinite spiracle whirl of truth beyond human comprehension...
100% Aussie
Overhearing a conversation on Australia Day; a young Aboriginal man stated “I’m not Aboriginal, I am a hundred percent Aussie mate!”. Thus was born the painting.
Soul Wave
Carried upon the celestial waves of our galactic oceans are the souls of universal being
Impetus of Life Propels Forth
Life no matter what form, grows forth. Stagnation is death as is decay. Striving through opposing forces, the inertia of motion never ending.
Inner Reach
The Inner Reach, reaches deep within the Universal Soul to co-join with existence...reaching deeper still to mine seeds of creation.
Speaking Life to the Star Shepard
The Star Shepherd receives life-speak from Trinity to feed the Celestial Herd. (1 of 2)
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Infinity's Eternal Time Balance

The squish and squash of time and space, eternally keeping the Creator's universal balance.